College - Day 4

Aug 29, 2019
By: Jerry A. Goodson
In: College


 Day 4 of college is in the books!

Composition I

Still chugging along in this class.  Today, we worked on mapping paragraphs.  

Federal Government

Well... that didn't take long!  My professor certainly showed her liberal colors, today.  

I'm not a "birther," but I do have my doubts about the veracity of Obama's birth certificate that was released on the White House website during his administration.  

The topic of today's lesson was the electoral college.  The discussion branched off into her positing the need to return to paper ballots because the Russians influenced our elections.  

The Russians did, in fact, influence our elections... as did the Chinese and the Koreans.  They've been doing it for a long time!  This, according to my professor, is why everybody needs to "get off social media."

As the discussion went on, she brought up the "birther" movement.  Personally, I figure Barack Obama was probably born in Hawaii, but I also believe enough doubt has been cast on the veracity of the scanned copy of his birth certificate his staff published on the White House website.

She started to go into meltdown mode!  "How can you say...!"  But, she stopped herself and said we'll have to "stick to the book." 

Mind you, I didn't say the birth certificate was a forgery... I just pointed out that doubt has been cast on the veracity of the document published on the White House website.

After class, a fellow student (I don't even know his name?) came up to me and said to "tread lightly" with her on matters concerning the Obamas.  He has a friend who had her before, and he warned me she is sensitive to matters concerning them. 

US History I

Today, we watched a film in class.  Our assignment was to take notes on the film and turn them in.  I'm not too crazy about this format, as I'm more focused on taking notes than I am on paying attention to the over all film content.  Fortunately, I had the presence of mind to jot down the title of the film.

I already took the Chapter 2 test for which the professor said the film was supposed to help us prepare.   



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