I have a GoFundMe

Dec 20, 2016
By: Jerry A. Goodson
In: General

GoFundMe.Com... the #1 online panhandling platform.  I've seen many noble uses to streamline giving money, and I've seen some self-serving or questionable deployments that leave me wondering if there's an element of fraud involved.  My GoFundMe is guaranteed 100% to be self-serving with no fraud!

I gotta give it to them... the folks at GoFundMe did all the right things in all the right ways.  I had to jump through enough hoops to ensure my legitimacy, but each step I had to take to set up the account was very easy and straightforward.  I set up the frivolous account just because I never had, and I wanted to be able to say, "I have a GoFundMe."  It's almost a status symbol.  I was also curious as to what the crowdsource funding website would allow.  

"I'm a heck of a guy.  Just ask me!"

It let me create a funding page for no particular reason!  I wanted to make sure I wasn't violating any particular rule or policy against defrauding potential donors.  The website claims to offer donor protection for those nefarious individuals who may create defrauding fundraisers.  

I made no commitments as to what I would do if I actually did raise any money on the site.  I suggested I may take my wife out to dinner, but beyond that, the only hiccup I ran into was setting a $1 goal when $5 is the minimum donation amount.  I went back and upped the goal to the minimum just to reduce the feedback inquiries on social media.

I now have a GoFundMe page!  For no particular reason.

*** UPDATE: 12-20-2016 ***

My GoFundMe page received an anonymous donation from Matt Keathley.  Since the donation is anonymous, the notification email told me it was from Matt Keathley, but shows up on the website as "anonymous."

Since the donation was made anonymously, the best I can do is encourage you to visit my sponsor:

Tri-State Technology Services

And congratulations to Tri-State Technology Services for being the first paid advertisment link to show up on this page!

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