Arrest Warrant Challege

Jan 27, 2017
By: Jerry A. Goodson
In: Society

Okay, keyboard warriors.  Here's your chance to prove you're not an idiot... (or confirm that you are!)  The challenge is simple:  any time you want to pipe up on social media saying someone should be arrested, write up a complaint and probable cause narrative to convince a judge to sign your arrest warrant.

Keyboard warriors take to social media exclaiming cops are either not doing enough or violating someone's rights.  People believe they know how to do an officer's job better, so when they exclaim someone should be arrested, present them with this challenge.

To effect an arrest, an officer must show probable cause to make the arrest.  That is, a complaint and probable cause affidavit are filed with an arrest report for an on-view arrest or when an officer files for an arrest warrant from a judge.  

Recently, Shia LaBeouf was arrested at his #HeWillNotDivideUs protest site in New York City.  Because he is a public figure, we'll use his arrest as an example.  

Here is an example of the narratives for each:


NOTE:  This is a sample, only. 
The defendant did then and there unlawfully and willfully, intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly cause bodily injury to an unknown male to wit: scratching the victim on the face during an altercation. NYPL 120.000 Assault in the Third Degree.

Probable Cause:

NOTE:  This is a sample, only.
Law enforcement is aware of a publicized protest site, and officers were posted near the site to prevent civil unrest by show of presence, and to provide quick response in case of civil unrest.  Officers observed an altercation between the defendant and victim and responded accordingly.  The victim stated he was scratched on the face by the defendant after a verbal exchange.  Officers observing the altercation determined the defendant was the physical aggressor.  The defendant was placed under arrest for ASSAULT IN THE THIRD DEGREE and transported to the precinct station where he was booked without incident.

Think you can do an officer's job better?  PROVE IT!

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