Dear President Trump

Jan 23, 2017
By: Jerry A. Goodson
In: Community

I copied and pasted (with permission) this post a friend of mine made on social media a few days ago (Inauguration Day).  My friend is the author of the post, but for obvious reasons, shall remain nameless.  Read and be inspired.


After watching the inauguration in our reading classes today, I asked some of my 8th graders to write a letter to our new president. They didn't want to at first but not for obvious reasons. What 8th grader wants to do anything his/her teacher asks? The reason, all of them immigrants from different countries mostly Mexico & the Middle East, had nothing but hateful, negative comments about the man just sworn in. I can only imagine what has been said in their homes or what they have seen or heard in the media.

I get it! There are so many scary things happening in our world today; I get scared too sometimes! But I wanted them to understand why our First Amendment is so important, why we need to appreciate it, and why we need to use it for good. I told them you don't have to like "the man" or agree with all he says, but we're protected by the Constitution. It's important to respect the office because it represents our country & freedoms we hold so dear.

I asked them to write a letter to the president and tell him who they were, about their families, & their culture. I asked them to tell the president about their concerns and fears. I asked them to tell the president what they hoped for, what they hoped he would do, and what they thought would make our country better.

They wrote the most beautiful, respectful, truthful, and endearing letters! Ultimately, what they all had in common was what WE ALL want. They wanted a happy, peaceful, kind world for them and their families. You can bet we'll be talking about those things that UNITE us next time we meet :)

God bless goodness of heart. I have hope.

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