Answered Prayers

Aug 4, 2019
By: Jerry A. Goodson
In: Faith

Here's a little twist on a sermon illustration I heard as a child...

Religious people expect God to protect them from tragic mass shootings.  Liberals expect government to protect them.  The fact is, we have been provided with everything we need to protect ourselves!

Thank You, Lord!

Answered Prayers

Adapted from an uncredited sermon illustration found here:

A very religious man was once caught in a society where mass shootings were becoming rampant. Every time one happened, he would send "thoughts and prayers."  Texas passed a law allowing citizens to get a concealed handgun license.  The man thought, "I don't need a gun.  God will protect me."

More mass shootings occurred in the news, and Texas made it easier to obtain a concealed handgun license.  The religious man kept sending "thoughts and prayers."  When his church offered the concealed handgun course for free to its congregation, the man thought, "I have prayed to God and I know He will protect me."

Even more mass shootings came across the news, and Texas made it legal to carry a concealed loaded handgun in people's vehicle without a license.  Texas, also, made carrying a handgun openly legal with a license.  Yet, the man continued to send "thoughts and prayers."

Then, one day, the man was shopping for groceries when a mad man came into the store with a semi-automatic rifle.  He prayed for God to protect him as he watched four people shot dead before the shooter turned his rifle on the man and killed him where he stood.

When he arrived at heaven, he demanded an audience with God. Ushered into God’s throne room he said, “Lord, why am I here in heaven? I prayed for You to protect me!  I trusted You to save me from getting shot!”

“Yes you did, My child,” replied the Lord. “And I made it easier and easier for you to arm and protect yourself, but you never did.”

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