Mona Turns Red

Jan 5, 2017
By: Jerry A. Goodson
In: General

You won't believe what we found out about Mona!  This could prove to be Earth-shattering!!!

Mona turns red!  Well... maybe not politically, but I'm sure she'll turn red with rage with my insinuation.  

You see, I've not picked on my dear friend Mona in AT LEAST a week, and I thought to myself:  "Self!  What can I do to pick on my good friend, Mona?"

I got it!  I'll generate some CLICKBAIT!  

I owed her some payback when she posted Donald Trump memes for my birthday on facebook.

To Mona:  Love you dearly! :)

To everyone else:  Sorry for the clickbait, but at least it wasn't swamped with external ads....

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