Twitter QSO with NASA Astronaut COL Doug Wheelock

Dec 21, 2016
By: Jerry A. Goodson
In: Amateur Radio

I thoroughly enjoy amateur radio.  A byproduct of that enjoyment was the development of fascination with NASA, the International Space Station, and outer space.  I still seek the holy grail of amateur radio contacts... a confirmed QSO with NA1SS.  To date, the best I've gotten was a response on Twitter from COL Doug Wheelock.

On November 23, 2010, NASA uploaded a video made by COL Wheelock to YouTube.  I have used the video as a recruiting tool to get children interested in amateur radio.

Space Station Crew Uses HAM Radio to Call Earth

Inside the International Space Station, Expedition 25 commander Doug Wheelock gave a tour of the Russian segment of the orbiting complex, including the Soyuz spacecraft docked there. Wheelock showed off the station's HAM radio, using the call sign "NA1SS," to talk with people on the ground as the station flies overhead at 17,500 miles per hour. Wheelock, and Flight Engineers Shannon Walker and Fyodor Yurchickin all will return home to Earth this Thursday, Nov. 25.

I have made some attempts to contact COL Wheelock in the past in an effort to get him to visit our local school district.  He doesn't get on HF, that I know of, as he's only a technician.  In my efforts to communicate with the famed astronaut, I caught his attention on Twitter:

I'm still giddy over getting a response, and excited at the prospect COL Wheelock may, in fact, upgrade to General.  I would love to make contact with him on HF!

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